TOOLS: Intervention Memo of Understanding — Example

This example assumes no money is involved in the activity.

To: [CA Representative name, Cooperating Agency name]

From: [Appropriate representative of the PRIME II project]

Date: [Date]

Re: [Name of intervention, name of project]

CC: [USAID representative]

We are happy to have your talents added to the [project name] project. Your expertise will undoubtedly promote the project’s overall success that is so important to [client organization name]. To ensure that we are all in agreement about deliverables and timelines, this document summarizes the outcomes of our [meetings/phone calls] of the past few [days/weeks/months].

Performance Gaps

The intervention your organization will implement was selected and designed specifically to close a performance gap found during the performance needs assessment:

  1. [Desired performance]
  2. [Actual performance]
  3. [Gap]

The intervention will be considered successful, to the extent that the intervention changes the performance from the current to the desired level.


In order to complete your part of the project, you will receive the following inputs, by the date(s) indicated:

Item Date

[List all informational and material inputs that will be provided to the CA, including written materials, objectives, project plans, background information, etc.]

An example appears below.



 Results from the baseline survey of customer satisfaction at the seven clinics in the state of Guadalajara
 The performance needs assessment (PNA) report


To coordinate your intervention with the others, we expect that the following items will be delivered, on the date(s) indicated:

Deliverable Date Due

[List, in detail, each deliverable expected of the CA. Where possible, list how the intervention will be judged.]

Examples appear below.



A logistics plan that allows indigenous systems of medicine (ISM) practitioners to access FP supplies through their regular channels, so that no ISM practitioner experiences stockout conditions due to supply chain problems.

All regular channels have stock by 7/15/99.


A written procedure for FP supply wholesalers to follow in order to assure FP supplies get to ISM medicine distribution points.

Procedure in offices of wholesalers by 7/5/99.

We agree to provide the deliverables specified above on the dates noted.

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Signature Name of Organization
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