TOOLS: Overall Design Document — Sample

Use this table or one like it to specify the elements in the overall intervention design. The information in the table is also useful to help explain the design to the project decision-makers.

You can also download an interactive Microsoft Word version of this tool, which you can fill out on-screen and then save to your computer or print, but you cannot save changes back to the CD-ROM or website.

Gap/Cause Intervention Selected Small-group Team Members Testing Procedures Due Date


Write the gap, as stated in the PNA report. Remember that gaps must be specified in measurable indicators. The gap is often expressed in terms of the desired versus actual performance.

Secondly, describe the cause of the gap, as discovered in the “Find Root Causes” stage.

Write the type of intervention selected. List the members on the intervention team, by name. Describe how the intervention will be tested to make sure it works. Use only general terms, as each small group will come up with specific testing plans. Intervention completion date


 Desired performance: Ask questions about the contraindicators for COCs each time they counsel about COCs (100 percent of the time)
 Actual Performance: When counseling about COCs, providers only ask about contraindicators 45 percent of the time
 Gap: 55 percent of providers do not ask about the contraindicators for COCs each time they counsel about COCs
 Cause: Lack of information in the form of clear expectations about questioning for contraindicators every single time


Information—provide expectations.


 Content expert


Test the intervention on selected target population members. Question them to determine whether they now can restate the expectations.