TOOLS: Question Library

Questions that will help identify performance gaps

When asked questions about ideal performance, respondents often compare desired to actual performance levels. In many instances, the PI leader can economize by asking questions about both desired and actual performance to the same respondent or group of respondents. Or the PI leader can ask to observe typical providers as well as exemplars during the same trip. The areas of inquiry or questions about present performance might be as follows (this interview protocol assumes the PI leader is asking questions about desired or ideal performance as well as actual or “typical” performance):

Questions about possible root causes

1a. Information: Job expectations

1b. Information: Performance Feedback

2. Environment and Tools

Either observe or ask questions to find out about:

3. Motivation and Incentives

4. Organizational Support

5. Skills and Knowledge

Remember, training will only fix a knowledge and skills gap, which is a lack of know-how. So, if workers already know-how, more training will not help.