TOOLS: Performance Improvement Specification — Example

You can also download an interactive Microsoft Word version of this tool, which you can fill out on-screen and then save to your computer or print, but you cannot save changes back to the CD-ROM or website.

Desired Performance Actual Performance Performance Gaps Root Cause(s) Intervention(s)
Providers will counsel 90 percent of all eligible clients who appear at the clinic for any reason. Providers counsel 37 percent of eligible clients who appear at the clinic. 53 percent of clients. Lack of incentives to counsel. (These private-practice providers receive financial reimbursement for selling medicines and products, not for counseling. Thus, when giving away free government supplies, they receive no compensation.)
 Arrange for providers to be able to buy for-profit RH supplies from the same distributors that they already use to obtain other medicines.
 During training, teach providers how to market and sell commercial RH supplies.