TOOLS: Project Set-up Document — Job Aid
Term Definitions Example Notes/Comments
Project name Name of analysis ISM Worker performance assessment  
Name of client organization Name of the organization that has requested/is receiving assistance (at the level that contains the workers included in the investigation). Santo Domingo Polyclinic #23 If the workers are in a different organization than the one that requested your help, you may want to list both.
Key client contact Contact person in the client organization(s) who knows the other project stakeholders.   The key client contact will often be your partner on the project, especially if you do not work in the organization that is asking for your help.
PI facilitator Your name    
Initial request The initial request for assistance, stated in the client’s words. “We would like you to develop a three-day class to improve provider performance in offering all available, appropriate contraception methods.”  
Subject matter experts Those who have expertise in the tasks under investigation. The resident expert in IUD insertion techniques, if that is one of the tasks being investigated.  
Exemplar Employee who currently meets or exceeds the expectations of the client organization; the star performer of the organization.   Consult stakeholders (e.g., supervisors, clients, co-workers) to identify exemplars. If none are found, or in the case of new performance, leave this field blank.
Key stakeholder(s) A list of stakeholder(s) who are affected by the poor performance, or who will benefit from improved performance or from new performance being at a top level.    
Performer Job title of the job under investigation. ISM provider  
Sources of written data List of all written information that documents provider performance, especially reports that show measurable indicators.
  • Clinic records
  • Previous studies
  • Trip reports
  • Drop-out rates
  • Performance evaluations
  • Client surveys
Collect all written reports/records that might provide information on the performers, or even on the organization as a whole.
List of people to be interviewed List of those you will interview to determine actual and desired performance levels, causes of current gaps, and available interventions to close those gaps.    
Funding source The entity or account funding the investigation and related costs.
  • PRIME core evaluation funds
  • RO/LAC field support