TOOLS: Cross-Functional Roles and Responsibilities Matrix
  Nurse's Assistant Midwife/Nurse Pharmacy/Check Out
Client Greeted
 Greets client in friendly manner
Client Checked In
 Checks medical card
 If no card, prepares new one
 Adds client to list for next available nurse
 Checks log for waiting clients
 Reviews patient information
 Calls client into room
Client Diagnosed  
 Asks client about last menstrual cycle
 Takes vitals
 Performs detailed physical assessment if needed
 Treats client for conditions identified or refers to doctor
Client Counseled  
 Counsels clients on available methods
 Answers client's questions
Client Checks Out
 Collects any payment for contraceptive and services due
 Gives client prescription for oral contraceptives
 Receives prescription
 Fills prescription
 Logs outflow of drugs on inventory