Performance Improvement: Stages, Steps and Tools
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Develop a detailed implementation plan

To ensure that all implementation team members know the entire implementation plan, their roles and responsibilities, the expectations for their interventions, and the interim evaluation milestones


A detailed implementation plan that shows implementation methods, performance goals, deadlines and milestones, and interim evaluation points

Because implementation projects can become large and include many individuals and organizations with their own responsibilities, the PI team should construct an overall plan detailing the entire implementation structure and the role of each individual. Because PI projects focus on results, it is also important to maintain clarity about the performance expectations of each intervention.

Before implementing the first intervention, hold meetings to share the overall implementation plan. These meetings should prepare the organization(s) about to receive the interventions. By the end of the meeting, all parties will be familiar with the implementation plan and what they need to do to prepare for the interventions. Each party will be clear about who is playing what role in the process.