Performance Improvement: Stages, Steps and Tools
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Develop, field test and produce the final version of the interventions

To finalize the interventions so they are ready for introduction in the field


The actual interventions ready to be introduced in the field

The nature and extent of testing will depend on the stakes involved, the type of intervention, and the time and resources available. For example, you would not pre-test a strategic planning intervention, but if an intervention requires a major production or management effort, or significant costs, then the development team should produce and test a prototype version of the intervention and/or materials before moving to final production and implementation. Testing includes reviews with users, clients and subject-matter experts, or actual trials with members of the target audience in the environment in which the intervention will take place. Testing may reveal major weaknesses in the intervention design or materials and provide the necessary feedback to make revisions before final production. Based on the test data and feedback, revise the workplan as necessary.

The last part of this step is to package the final version of the intervention and/or materials and prepare for implementation. Interventions may be ready for implementation at different times. For example, you may implement one intervention while another is still in the planning stages.