Performance Improvement: Stages, Steps and Tools
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Performance Improvement Toolkit
Identify the gaps and the performers on which to focus the PI process

PI Facilitator, PI Team, Key Stakeholders

With the PI Team, develop a set of preliminary findings and conclusions, and report to the client and other key stakeholders. Questions to be answered include:

  • Where are the major gaps?
  • Do gaps correspond to pieces that are missing from the organizational structure (e.g., a new area/performance will be required to close a gap)?
  • Can you identify the performers who are responsible for the gaps?

Process Steps

(These can be done with a larger stakeholder meeting or with smaller meetings with key stakeholders).

  1. Present maps of desired and current status of organization/processes.
  2. Identify and prioritize gap areas.
  3. Develop/propose a working plan to address most critical area(s) first.
  4. Prepare MOE with conclusions, recommendations.